What’s Working for Dig It! 2017?

Julianne McGraw is the Communications Officer at Dig It! 2017 and half of the Scottish Heritage Social Media Group team. In this blog, Julianne will be talking about three social media highlights from Dig It! 2017 alongside some “lessons learned”: Dig It! 2017 is the year-long celebration of Scottish archaeology and we believe that archaeology […]

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3 Ways To Make History More Shareable

Laura Brown is the social media manager at the Registers of Scotland, the non-ministerial government department tasked with maintaining land and property records. She is also a travel blogger and has worked with numerous organisations in the tourism and heritage sector. In 2017, the Registers of Scotland (RoS) are celebrating 400 years of Scottish land […]

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Heritage Social Media Fandom

Stephenie McGucken is a PhD candidate & tutor at the University of Edinburgh in the History of Art. Her research interests include the uses of heritage in film, and draws on her experiences with various fandoms to help form research questions. She also runs the social media for the Edinburgh Medieval Pigment Project.   Everyone […]

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Managing Multiple Accounts

  Kiara King is the archivist at the Ballast Trust. Kiara has written about her experiences of running and contributing to multiple twitter accounts.   Today I counted up my twitter accounts and realised I have access to 7 different ones. Thankfully I can confidently say that I’ve still had more hot dinners than twitter […]

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